Ecuador’s population is
YOUNG: There are 17.5 million Ecuadorians, of which 10 million are under the age of 30
URBAN: 65% of all Ecuadorians live in cities.
ARM: Ecuador is a relatively poor country. His access to vaccines is limited.

There are large ETHNIC DIFFERENCES: Some indigenous communities from the Andes or Amazon region resist the vaccinations and try to fight the disease with their own means.

Ecuador is a politically CORRUPT country. The first vaccines the country received were shamelessly diverted to influential politicians and their families, to senior military personnel, etc. The images of the long queues at the Rotary Club of Guayaquil (March 2021), where the city’s elite queued for a vaccine created a fate or outrage. But not much has improved. There are rumors of vaccines being put up for sale, wealthier Ecuadorians flying to the US to get vaccinated.

SITUATION ON 31/07/2021

The infection rate … is moving in the right direction across the country.

This chart from the Ministry of Health in Ecuador shows the weekly averages of infections from 2020 and 2021. Galapagos is almost completely corona-free.

But it remains to be watched! 46% of the COVID beds are still occupied and even 80% of the intensive care beds have been taken.

Accelerated vaccination: Currently 2 028 931 Ecuadorians received a full dose; 7 648 949 received a first dose. The government wants to vaccinate 9 million people before September 7, 2021. It is thought that the target will be achieved by focusing more on younger people and using vaccines from 1 vaccination.

Locally applicable measures: the mouth mask obligation is absolutely in all public areas, including in the car. You can be fined if you don’t wear a mask in the car. In shops all over the country you are expected to disinfect your hands and keep your distance. Curfews and quarantine are sporadically issued locally when new corona cases emerge. In practice, especially young people and in rural areas (where social control is less) use the rules creatively. Also in the car many people wear a mask but loosely over the mouth.

Travel Restrictions

When departing for Galapagos… you need proof of negative PCR test taken maximum 72 hours ago. Proof of total vaccination (at least 2 weeks after last vaccine) is also valid. The rapid antigen test does not give access to your flight.

On departure to Amazone (Yasuni National Park) … you also need a negative PCR test, taken maximum 72 hours ago. You have to email it to the lodge where you are staying. Proof of the first dose of vaccine, less than 6 months before departure) also allows entry.

Taking a PCR test … can be done in the big cities and costs around 80 USD. You will usually receive the result electronically after 24 hours. Vaccination in remote areas costs time and money

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