Area: 158 574 acres /

Highest point: 4 900 ft (1 494 meter)

This is the third largest and youngest island in the archipelago. The island (only 700,000 years old) is an active volcano. It last erupted on Friday, March 13, 2005. The volcano’s crater is about 4 miles wide. This is also the island where you have the best chance of seeing a volcanic eruption.
The island is populated by a large number of land iguanas, the females of which go to the volcano crater every year to lay their eggs. Due to the drought and its remote location, this is one of the most original islands.

Punta Espinosa
The only visitor site is Punta Espinosa in the northwest of the island. You will find the largest colony of marine iguanas here. Many photos showing entire colonies of marine iguanas were taken here. Hundreds of them sunbathe on the rocks. You will also find sea lions, petrels, walking cormorants, galapago penguins.

The large number of animals and the beautiful views – in clear weather – of the volcanoes of Isabela make Punta Espinosa one of the most beautiful places to visit in the archipelago.


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