Area: 32 110 acres /

Highest point: 1 125 ft (343 meter)

Access to this uninhabited island has only recently been exempted to a limited extent. There are a few beautiful dive sites around Marchena. On the island there is a 343 meter high volcano that was very active some twenty years ago. The last eruption dates from 1991.
The island’s name comes from a Spanish monk, Antonio Marchena, one of the first people to visit the island. You will find some endemic animal species on Marchena such as the Galapagos Falcon and the Marchena Lava lizard.
Marchena is also known because the dead bodies of Rudolf Lorenz and the captain of the ship of the Floreana mystery washed up here.

Punta Mejia
This is a beautiful snorkeling spot with calm deep blue water and a beautiful rock structure underwater where an abundance of many fish species and sea turtles swim around and can be seen.

Playa Negra (Black Beach)
Here too you can snorkel beautifully or go out with the sea kayak. There is a lava cave where you can see marine iguanas diving for algae. Because this zone is so rich in algae, you will also find many whales and dolphins here.


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