Santa Fe

Area: 5 928 acres /

Highest point: 850 ft (259 meter)

Near the center of the archipelago, between Santa Cruz and San Cristobal, you will find Santa Fe Island.
It is one of the oldest islands: there are rock formations here that are 4 million years old. The vegetation consists of disc cacti and palo santo. The Galapagos snake, the Galapagos pigeon and the Galapagos hawk live here.

You anchor in a beautiful light blue bay on the northeast coast. A large colony of sea lions lives on the beach.

There are two paths: a short walk takes you to a forest of opuntia cacti. Some of them are up to 10 meters high. Here you will find the Santa Fe land iguana: it belongs to a different species than the land iguanas of the other islands.

The other path (1.3 km) takes you through a colony of sea lions to a rocky point where you can observe different sea birds and have a beautiful view of the bay. After the walk you can enjoy snorkeling with the sea lions in the calm waters of the bay.


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