At Hotel in Galapagos

Hotel or cruise?

Visiting Galapagos from one or more hotels on the islands has its drawbacks. You will only get a limited view of the archipelago.

After all, the distance between the islands is great: with a cruise ship you sail at night and visit the islands during the day. If you spend the night on an island, you can only visit the sites of that island and the closest sites of other islands.
The days on the equator offer only 12 hours of sunlight: subtract the time for breakfast and embarkation, plus the travel time there and back, and there is not really much left to make trips on the islands.
Santa Cruz can be quite busy at times due to the many local Ecuadorian tourists who take over Santa Cruz or San Cristobal.
However, there are two good reasons to book a hotel on Galapagos:

If the cruise ship of your choice follows a route that does not visit the visitor sites of Santa Cruz or San Cristobal, you can book a few extra days in a hotel in Santa Cruz or San Cristobal to visit the most beautiful sites of those islands from there. Santa Cruz and San Cristobal are the islands with an airport where you arrive and / or depart.
if you want to extend your stay in Galapagos with a relaxing beach holiday, you can either visit the Machalilla region from Guayaquil, or book a few days beach holiday in a hotel on the islands.

The price difference between the better hotels on Galapagos and a cruise is quite small.

We offer you a choice of the better hotels on Galapagos.

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