Ecuador has a large number of protected areas, nature reserves and national parks. You will find them in all regions of the country and you can get to know the untouched flora and fauna of the country. But the protected nature of the nature reserves is often ignored; In some “protected” areas you will find, in addition to the traditional Indian communities, also villages of immigrants, haciendas and in some nature reserves in the Amazon region you will even find petroleum companies.

The boundaries of the parks are rarely accurately described and the few rangers who work there usually sit at the entrance to the parks. Furthermore, the infrastructure in the parks is either basic or non-existent. The nature reserves are divided into categories. The national park is the most accessible park, with rangers and limited infrastructure. There are 9 areas with national park status. In theory, the reserves are more protected than the parks because of their natural value. Tourism is not stimulated: the reserves are often difficult to access.

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