If your trip is to Galapagos, you will stay on the ship for the entire time of your cruise. With the cruise ship guide you will visit the islands and visitor sites, as captured by the Galapagos National Park. So you cannot independently choose what you want to visit. After all, the choice of the ship determines the route of your trip in Galapagos. If you visit the Amazon rainforest, the excursions are also more or less fixed. After all, you stay for a number of days in the lodge of your choice and go out every day with the guides according to the day program. This is usually in a small group; in some lodges you can choose between, for example, long and shorter walking tours. In the Andean region and the coastal region you can make more choices. Per region you can choose from a number of excursions such as city visits, guided walking tours, market visits, etc. That is why a number of excursions are proposed in this section that make planning a stay in a specific area easier. In our price offers you will always find a detailed description of the activities on the program. We are working to keep the list of excursions as current as possible. We would like to receive (positive and negative) comments about the activities and excursions you participated in

Excursions in the ANDES REGION

Excursions on the COAST

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