Where the equator crosses the Andes mountains, embedded between Peru and Colombia,  lies this small country. Ecuador is smaller than Nevada (half the size of France) but it has three completely different climate zones. Each of them has its flora and fauna, its people and cultures.


These trips can serve as examples to design your own customized trip.
All of these sample trips on the Ecuadorian mainland can be booked, whether or not as a connection to a cruise in the Galapagos Islands. Look for our extensive selection of cruises and hotels in Galapagos in our special section.
These sample trips can be adjusted in terms of route, time duration, comfort.
If you want other hotels, you can. We offer a choice of hotels in each city.
If you want other excursions along the way look in the activities section.


Ecuador has a wide range of protected areas, nature reserves and national parks. You will find them in all regions of the country and you can get to know the untouched flora and fauna of the country. But the protected nature of the nature reserves is often ignored; in some “protected” areas you will find, in addition to traditional Indian communities, immigrant villages, haciendas and in some nature reserves in the Amazon you will even find petroleum companies.

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