Cotopaxi (Latacunga)


in Cotopaxi (Latacunga)

92 000inhabitants

2 800meters above sea level

Latacunga is the capital of Cotopaxi province. The Cotopaxi volcano is 29 km. of the city and dominates the city. During the last 150 years, the city has been destroyed 4 times by the volcano and rebuilt each time by its determined inhabitants.
On a cloudless day you can see many other snow peaks from here and so often a chilly wind blows.
Saturday is market day in Latacunga, but the nearby towns of Saquisilí and Pujilí have more attractive markets. The market in Saquisili on Thursday is one of the most beautiful Indian markets in Ecuador.

On September 23 and 24 they celebrate “La Fiesta de Mama Negra”: a costumed procession with lots of music, dance and drink.
In the area around Latacunga you will visit the Cotopaxi National Park, the town of Zumbahua and the Quilotoa Lake. The landscape alternates between desolate paramos, beautiful patchwork quilts of small-scale fields, spectacular gorges such as those of the Toachi River and small original Andean towns with colorful markets.

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Indian woman from SalasacasIn South America, Ecuador is one of the smaller countries, but the country is hugely diverse in terms of geography, climate and population. You can visit the Andes, the Amazon rainforest as well as the tropical coast without taking extremely long domestic flights or transfers. And then you have the Galapagos Islands, a once in a lifetime experience. The diversity of flora and fauna per square mile is enormous. Ecuador is South America in a nutshell. Moreover, the country is relatively safe and little visited. The national currency is the USD and you have a wide choice of direct flights to Quito and Guayaquil from Europe and the United States.


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