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Puerto Lopez

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This small picturesque fishing village is located on a turquoise horseshoe-shaped bay, with a beautiful beach between the hills on the North and South sides. The beach is at its best at the ends of the village, away from the many fishing boats moored off the coastline. From the main road south of the town you have a beautiful view over the bay.
In the afternoon around half past four the fishermen return to the bay with their boats full of fish. Immediately a lively trade starts on the beach, which is certainly worth a visit.
Puerto Lopez is the ideal starting point for visits to the beaches of Los Frailes, Agua Blanca, Isla de la Plata and other parts of Machalilla National Park. The park’s administrative office, where entrance tickets are sold, is also located here.
Many visitors come between the end of June and the beginning of September to view the humpback whales. From small eight-meter-long boats, you can see the fifteen-meter-long whales leaping out of the water up close and see them performing fantastic tricks. Often you also end up in schools of hundreds of dolphins that swim along with the boat.
The small islands of Isla de la Plata and Isla Salango are also part of the Machalilla National Park. Isla de la Plata is located about 25 km from the coast and is rightly called little Galapagos. The island can only be visited with a guide and paths have been laid out that are not allowed to deviate from. A visit to Isla de la Plata is certainly worthwhile.