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75 km south of Baeza is Tena, the capital of the province of Napo. This quiet and friendly town is located on a hill above the confluence of 2 rivers: the Rio Tena and the Rio Pano. There are beautiful views from the first hills of the Andes, but unfortunately there is often fog over the forest.

Tena was an important mission and trade center, but is now best known as a center for ethno-tourism and rafting. It is a good first stop on the way to the Amazon. Many excursions depart from here or are organized from here.

17 km east of Tena is Misahualli, a small port at the confluence of the Rio Napo and Rio Misahualli. This village of 5000 inhabitants has long been the most westerly entrance to the Rio Napo.

Since the construction of the road to Coca, it has become much quieter in Misahualli. But Misahualli remains a good place to easily visit the most accessible areas of the Amazon. You will find a wide range of jungle tours here.

The area around Tena and Misahualli is well visited and you will not see larger animals anymore, but as far as birds, butterflies, insects and vegetation are concerned, here in the many existing lodges you will get a good first impression of what the Amazon era continues offer