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Chimborazo National Park

Today we visit Ecuador’s highest mountain (6268 m) and also the closest point on the earth to the sun. In the morning we leave for Chimborazo where we first make a short break in Colta to visit the Balbanera church. This is Ecuador’s oldest church. Then we drive into the National Park where we stop at the first refuge at 4800 meters. We take a short walk to the Condor lake, which is located at an altitude of 5100 meters and then descend back to 5000 meters for a hot cup of coffee at the second refuge. Both during the walk and during the drive we can admire beautiful landscapes and the local fauna such as vicuñas. We then return to the car and drive on to San Juan, where we have a delicious lunch with a Belgian-Ecuadorian family. From here depart back to the hotel.
Difficulty: average.
To bring: sun protection, rain, gloves, hat, water bottle, camera, good walking shoes