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Inca Trail – 3 day trek

The road network of the Incas (Qhapac Ñan in Kichwa language) stretched from Chile to Colombia. It was the main artery of the Inca empire (1470-1534) politically, economically and socially. This network was still used during the Spanish rule (1534-1822). They called it “El Camino Real” or the Royal Road. Today only a few parts of this network are preserved. One of the best maintained routes is between the village of Achupallas and Ingapirca.
On day 1 we leave Guamote towards Achupallas, a drive of one and a half hours. The starting point of the trek is at 3,300m. The first day we hike for 4 hours to our first camping pitch at an altitude of approximately 4,000m. We are accompanied by a local guide throughout the trek. Our luggage is carried by a horse.
A walk of approximately 7 hours is planned on day 2. After 2-3 hours of hiking, we arrive at the highest point of the trek. From here we have a beautiful view over Lake Sansahuín. After another 4 hours of hiking, we arrive at our second camping pitch at an altitude of approximately 3,800m. During the tour we can see several ruins of ancient Spanish settlements.
On the last day, after 4 hours of walking, we arrive at the ruins of Ingapirca (3,160m). Here we are given a tour by a local guide. After the visit to the ruins, we return to the hotel in Guamote.
Difficulty: average.
To bring: sun and rain protection, thermal clothing, water bottle, camera, hiking boots and extra clothing