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tailor made


Artesanate workshops and botanical garden

Private tour

Full Day

The guide takes us to the community of Cachibiro – San Rafael to visit an artisan family that makes works with the totora plant. We can participate in the elaboration of a handicraft in this material. Then we visit the Peguche Waterfall, where we take a short walk and the guide explains the importance of this place for the indigenous population and their traditions and festivities. We then visit a family dedicated to traditional weaving and learn how to use the backstrap loom or calluha and the pedal loom and learn the process of dyeing sheep wool using natural plants. We then visit the Nanda Mañachi workshop, a traditional workshop where different musical instruments from the Andean countries are made. José Luis teaches us how to build a musical instrument called Palla. He also gives a short demonstration of each instrument delighting us with some beautiful traditional melodies. You can choose to have lunch with a local family or in the town of Cotacachi. Afterwards we visit the Garden of Dreams to learn about some plants and their importance in traditional Andean medicine.
Duration: approximately 6 hours
Included: local guide who speaks English, transportation, lunch and entrance to the workshops
Not included: material costs Totora