Hotels in Guamote

Below you will find 2 hotels in Guamote (Inti Sisa and Chuza Longa), one in Alausi (La Quinta) and one in Ingapirca. We have grouped them because these three towns are not far from each other and therefore overlap. And you can also visit Guamote from Riobamba: look at the hotels in Riobamba.
In Guamote, Inti Sisa is “the place to be”. Chuza Longa is usually visited when Inti Sisa is full (that happens on Wednesday evenings because on Thursday morning the well-known indigenous market attracts a lot of people).
La Quinta is reserved if you want to take the train “Nariz del Diablo”. At the moment (at the end of 2020), however, the entire tourist train activity has been stopped – including the popular Nariz del Diablo. It remains to be seen whether these programs will be restarted.

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Inti Sisa


Guamote is a small mountain village known for its indigenous people and traditions. As part of an integral development project, Inti Sisa offers 23 beautiful guest rooms here. All rooms have private bathrooms. In addition, you can also enjoy good food in the guesthouse. The project provides support to the local residents of Guamote. On Thursday morning you step out the door and end up in the most beautiful indigenous market in Ecuador. The project is run by a few Flemish volunteers.
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La Quinta


This beautiful hotel is housed in a restored wine estate. The domain is the cultural heritage of the city of Alausi. You are here in a beautiful setting, near the station of Alausi. The hotel has 7 standard rooms and a suite. In the restaurant you can eat well and after your meal you can enjoy a drink in the bar.
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Posada Ingapirca


This 200-year-old hacienda is located about 500 mt from Ingapirca, Ecuador’s most important archaeological site. The hacienda has been carefully restored. Here you can sleep in one of the 23 rooms or suites, all with private bathroom and fireplace. Be sure to take a look in the game room or stroll through the beautiful gardens. In the restaurant you can enjoy a delicious gourmet kitchen, after which you can enjoy a drink in the bar.
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Chuza Longa


Chuza Longa is a small friendly hotel, located in the center of Guamote. The hotel has only three rooms and a loft that serves as a common area. The rooms overlook the central patio and wood oven and have a private bathroom with hot water.
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