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296 acres

373 ft (114 meter)

Bartholome Island is a small but beautiful island just off the east coast of Santiago Island (James). It is one of the younger islands and is served by most cruises. It is also probably the most recognizable island of Galapagos: everyone takes pictures of the famous Pinnacle Rock.

Bartholome has stunning landscapes. Here you will find the most beautiful rock formations of the archipelago with colors ranging from red, orange and green to shimmering black.

The Pinnacle Rock
There are 2 landing places: a dry landing you drop off at the foot of the path to the top of the volcano (114 mt): you climb in about 40 minutes to the top where you get a breathtaking view of the Pinnacle Rock, the twin bays (the small beautiful bays opposite the rock), the moon-like landscape, the island of James with the famous Sullivan Bay. To counter the erosion of the path to the top, a staircase called La Escalera has been built.
It is recommended to do the climb in the morning to avoid taking pictures against the setting sun. On Bartolome you can also admire many small volcano craters (splash ovens) up close.

The Twin Bays
You can also anchor at the Pinnacle Rock from where you go ashore in a small boat along the rocks. You will meet a small friendly colony of Galapagos penguins here. Just past the Pinnacle you have the Twin Bays: here the underwater world is stunning. You can snorkel with the penguins, with sea turtles, white tip reef sharks and other tropical fish. With a bit of luck you will find the Moorish Idol, one of the most beautiful fish in Galapagos.
In the southern bay you will find female turtles waiting for the night to lay their eggs in the dunes. Swimming is prohibited in the southern bay.