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42 731 acres

2100 ft (640 meter)

Floreana is one of the earliest inhabited islands in Galapagos. It has an interesting history that you can read in Margaret Wittmer’s book “Floreana”. She lived in Floreana for over 60 years and died in 2000, aged 95. Her descendants still run a hotel on the island.

You will find the following visitor sites on Floreana:

Punta Cormorant
This narrow head of land with a beach on either side, home to a sea lion colony, is located on the north coast. There is a path along a lake and along the fine sandy beach. At the lake you will find a beautiful population of flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) and sea turtles (Chelonia midas) nest on the beach. The beach where you go ashore has a lot of mineral olivine and is therefore green in color. You can snorkel and dive well. You also have a white beach where turtles lay their eggs from December to March.

Post Office (Bahia del Correo)
This is a historical site that reminds us of the time of the whalers. In the 18th century, the captain of a whaler placed a barrel here that served as a mailbox. Tourists can send tickets here for free (you have to buy them in advance elsewhere). You can also visit a lava tunnel.

Devil’s Crown
This site is a must for divers and snorkelers. It is a volcano crater rising from the sea with a sandy interior that is protected from the waves. The current can be strong on the outside. There are several underwater tunnels that you can explore. The area is full of colorful tropical fish and sea turtles. The nearby rocky island of Champion sometimes also provides amazingly beautiful snorkeling experiences.

Cerro Alieri
This 340 mt high peak is located east of Puerto Velasco Ibarra. You have to drive 15 minutes by car and then the walk takes about 2 hours (round trip). The walk is interesting because of its vegetation. You will find Darwiniothamnus tenuifolius, Lippia salicifolia, Lecocarpus pinnatifidus, Linum cratericola, Scalesia pedunculata, Linum cratericola, etc. The walk can be difficult in times of rainfall. It is often also very hot.

Asilo de la Paz
This is a 450 mt high mountain that is located in the agricultural area of ​​the island. Because there are water sources in this area, the first inhabitants found shelter in the nearby caves. Here you will find the medium-sized tree finch that only lives on Floreana.

Mirador de la Baronesa
This old lookout is located on the north of the island, in Bahia La Olla and can be reached after a short climb.