Cofan Bermejo


Surface area : 135 850 acres /

between 1 312 and 7 462 ft. (400 and 2 275 mt) /

Protected since: 2002


Cófan Bermejo is located in the northwest of the province of Sucumbios, in the canton of Cascales. This reserve is part of the ancestral territory of A’i Cófan of the local Indian tribes. It has a great biodiversity and has been recognized as of great importance to the country and the world. You can admire beautiful landscapes here: you can see the volcanoes Sumaco and Reventador in the south, the Cerro Sur in the north, and the Amazon forest in the east.

The reserve is home to a wide variety of animal species such as the mountain tapir, giant armadillo, spectacled bear and many others. You can also see bird species (more than 400 species have been registered). The forests of Bermejo are the ideal refuge for many species that are endangered or extinct in other parts of the Andes.

The only access road is by road from Tulcan to Lago Agrio. An hour from Lago Agrio there is a fork that leads to the shuar community of Taruka. From there you will hike to the entrance of the reserve. It is recommended to do this with a local guide.

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