El Angel


Surface area : 39 520 acres /

between 11 952 and 15 639 ft (3 644 and 4 768 meter) /

Protected since: 1992


To the west of San Gabriel (the far north of the central highland) is the village of El Angel, best known for its paramoreservation of the same name. Nearby, a few kilometers south of El Angel, there are also the (sometimes crowded) medicinal thermal baths of La Calera.

The paramo of El Angel is famous for its frailejones, a special plant species that occurs there in large numbers. The frailejon is a composite (a floral composition like our dandelion, for example) that is common on paramos in Colombia and Venezuela. El Angel is the southernmost point in the plant’s range, which looks like a giant edelweiss. There is often fog in the area and the strange shapes of the frailejones are reminiscent of an army of monks in the fog.

In the village of El Angel is an office of the Ministerio del Medio Ambiente that manages the park. Here you will receive additional information about hiking and excursion options in the reserve. There is access from El Angel, but you can also get into the reserve from Tulcan.

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