LOCATION: Galapagos

Surface area : 1 711 710 acres /

between 0 and 5 599 ft (O and 1 707 meter) /

Protected since: 1936


A thousand kilometers west of the Ecuadorian coast lies this archipelago of volcanic origin. From the sea, the islands appear to be made up of lava and ash. The volcanic processes that formed the islands are still in full swing. The volcanoes of Isabela and Fernandina are considered among the most active in the world and even today eruptions take place regularly.

The special thing about the islands is that they have never been in contact with the mainland. The animals and plants have therefore evolved in a different way than those on the continent. The most striking feature is the unimaginable tameness of the animals. Due to the lack of predators and humans, the animals living on the island have lost their original shyness.

A trip to the Galapagos is a costly affair. Yet every year some 140 OOO tourists visit the Galapagos.

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