Manglares Churute


Surface area : 123 500 acres /

between 92 and 472 ft (28 and 144 meter) /

Protected since: 1979


You will find 35,000 hectares of mangrove in this park. There are 5500 hectares of higher ground and 8800 hectares cover the so-called Lake Laguna del Canción with the agricultural zones of the villages that lie within the reserve.

Here you will find beautiful examples of precious wood (mahogany, cedar, etc.) that used to be found all over the coast but has now been completely cut away.

The reserve has great scientific and tourist potential. It includes the mouth of the Gulf of Guayaquil and the lower basin of the Guayas River, areas of great ecological diversity. 264 bird species have been counted, belonging to 59 families and 7 subfamilies. You can spot 50 species of migratory birds in the mangroves and at the estuary plus a large number of resident birds.

There are a number of trails in the reserve and you can visit the mangroves by boat.

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