Surface: 500 has /

Height: between 2800 and 4000 meter /

Protected since 19996

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An hour and a half drive from Quito is this small nature park run by Fundación Natura, a nationally known conservation organization.

Pasochoa is a very nice place to get away from Quito and walk in the green. It is a valley that creeps up along a river that flows from the crater of an extinct volcano. As the vegetation rises, the vegetation changes, changing from cloud forest to paramo.

When you arrive in Pasochoa you arrive at a few small buildings (there is a rudimentary overnight accommodation, a camping zone and a small exhibition space). After paying the entrance fee (5 USD for people over 16 years old) you will receive an explanation about the park and you can choose which walking path you want to take. There are 6 paths, ranging from 2 hours to 8 hours. You can easily follow these paths without a guide. But a (Spanish) guide can be requested. Walking is safe and it is difficult to get lost.

Please note that the last end of the access road to the park is sometimes in very bad condition (so ensure good transport) and that in the rainy season it is often very muddy in the park.

A walk in the park is highly recommended for hikers who, just arrived in Quito, want to acclimatize to the altitude.

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