Surface: 146 000 has /

Height: between 1000 and 3700 meter /

Protected since 1982

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The park is located southeast of Loja in the provinces of Loja and Zamora-Chinchipe. It is a rugged area in which mountains and deep erosion valleys alternate. The area has many fast flowing rivers and waterfalls. In the “Nudo de Sabanilla” there are about a hundred lakes which, like in Cajas near Cuenca, are formed by glacier tongues.

Biologically, the park is particularly interesting because of its versatile flora. In particular epiphytes such as bromeliads, orchids and lichens are present in many species. The most special animal in the park is the spectacled bear, which inhabits remote parts of the park.

The Podocarpus park offers wonderful opportunities for adventure trekking and hiking. There are several entrances and ranger houses. One of the entrances is at Cajanuma, about 15 kilometers south of Loja on the road to Vilcabamba. Through this entrance you enter the higher part of the park with paramovegetations and cloud forests. Two other entrances are accessible from Zamora. At the entrances are park ranger houses where you can camp and walking tours have been plotted.

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