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“Beautiful, pure and diverse”

“Beautiful, pure and diverse”


"Hello, In the meantime we have been back home for 4 full days. Jeez, what a homesickness we have!
I want to inform you again that the entire trip was a TOP in every way. Beautiful, pure, varied, few tourists (which is of course bad for all local people who have to live from tourism), friendly people, good service and a Tom who was always ready for suggestions and help, …… made our dream come true a dream trip. Superlatives fall short and the experience cannot be properly illustrated with photos, lyrical descriptions or videos.

For us the toppers were:
• GALAPAGOS (simply one of a kind and how fortunate that there was almost no tourism). At each island our boat was alone and everywhere we were alone with our group of 9. Rest and long observation of the unique animals made it even more unreal than we expected
• COTOPAXI with the accommodation in HACIENDA SAN AUGUSTIN: simply top in every aspect, what a treat, what a luxury, what a warm welcome and what a pleasure with all those animals around us. Llamas eating carrots out of my mouth, Lady Gaga - the dog - who frolicked along for 2 hours on our adventurous horseback ride, the volcano and the road to it, the wild horses in the area, the altitude, …… What could we do there? recharge !
• WHALE WATCHING (and there were a lot of them)
• VISIT the local Indian communities and the animal market in GUAMOTE

We have 1300 photos and if I was an influencer, they would be on my INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT now, but I'm just a simple soul who sent all friends and people who are interested a bunch of photos on whatsapp. The wow reactions don't lie. Everyone finds the photos and my stories UNIQUE.
Thanks for everything."



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