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“Mi casa es tu casa – they say in Quito”


Hello, We have been back home since Thursday ... after an eventful journey, so you can say, huh! But the last 2 weeks have been wonderful, especially Banos, Puerto López and of course Galapagos were great. Also much less dogs on the street, .. That was a great relief for us. Finally being able to sit in a car "comfortably" again! We would like to thank you again for the friendly welcome, the support and the good assistance."Our wonderful, unforgettable trip went very well thanks to the perfect organization, the warm and hospitable welcome in El Rinconcito.
We planned our trip in such a way that we returned to El Rinconcito 2 more times, and each time it was a bit like 'coming home' – 'Mi casa es tu casa' people would say and this was literally so.
The organization went smoothly: punctual excursions, transfers with very friendly drivers/guides, typical hotels & accommodations.All our wishes were optimally taken into account.
Through the whatsapp group, the people of Descubre-Ecuador followed our trip and every question we asked along the way was promptly answered.Even the last day, when there was political unrest in Ecuador and our flight was cancelled, they were ready to help us. Thanks again for this.
For whom the beautiful Ecuador Dor in a quiet, authentic way, we definitely recommend Descubre-Ecuador.
From Ludwig, Bart, Roxanne and Roos


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