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Hotels in Mindo

Hotels in Mindo

Mindo is very popular with bird and plant lovers. But it is also an ideal area for relaxation and adventure. So you actually have two types of hotels. First there are the lodges such as Sachatamia, Bellavista and Tandayapa, which are mainly visited by bird and nature enthusiasts. They offer all-inclusive packages, including transport to and from the lodge, overnight accommodation, meals and walking tours through the cloud forest with an English-speaking guide. And then you have – closer to the village – the hotels from where you can go hiking, rafting, canoying, tubing, horseback riding, etc. Here people usually only take the room with breakfast.

Mashpi Lodge

This state-of-the-art, top-class lodge is tucked away in a private 1,200-acre nature reserve. It is one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World. The design is completely adapted to the surrounding nature. You move here on foot, with electric carts, via cable car or by air bike. The lodge has seventeen very spacious rooms and three suites, all with large windows overlooking the reserve. There is a wellness, a jacuzzi and a yoga room with a view of the surrounding forests. In the restaurant you get to know the different regions of Ecuador through the flavors on your plate. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared with fresh Ecuadorian ingredients. The stay is all-inclusive: meals, excursions, English-speaking guides and specialized lectures are included.
For more information see www.mashpilodge.com

Las Terrazas de Dana

This small luxury ecolodge, run by brother and sister David and Dana, has undoubtedly one of the best views of Mindo. It is located in the middle of nature, yet you are only a ten minute walk from the center of Mindo. Here you end up in a small, green oasis of peace. All rooms have a private terrace where you can have breakfast and the lodge also offers massages and spa treatments. Recommended!
For more information see  www.lasterrazasdedana.com


Sachatamia is located in a private reserve of 120 hectares of cloud forest. The reserve is crossed by many small rivers and is linked to the protected area of Mindo-Nambilla. Sachatamia has a great restaurant. There is a medium sized indoor pool. This lodge is a wonderful place to get to know the fauna and flora of the region in a pleasant way and to admire the hundreds of bird species that fly around it up close.
For more information see www.sachatamia.com

Terra Bambu

Terra Bambu is located less than a kilometer from the center of Mindo. It consists of four cottages and two suites. There are some rooms that have a jacuzzi, which is ideal for relaxing. You can also take a dip in the pool, with a view of the mountains. The restaurant of Terra Bambu introduces you to typical Ecuadorian cuisine, while you can enjoy a spectacular view over the Mindo valley. The hotel is a paradise of tranquility, but the surrounding area offers countless opportunities for adventure.
For more information see terrabambulodge.com

La Bicok

This charming little lodge run by the Frenchman Sébastien is located on the outskirts of Mindo. The lodge has only 7 cabañas, all in their own theme and completely built by Sébastien himself. You can taste French cuisine in the afternoon and evening and at breakfast fresh bread is served that is baked on the spot. In other words: the perfect place to stay quietly and comfortably if you also want to taste the atmosphere of Mindo village. La Bicok also has a small swimming pool.
For more information see www.labicok.com

Mindo Garden

A few kilometers outside Mindo, this eco-lodge is located in a private nature park of 300 hectares of cloud forest. The lodge is located on the banks of the Mindo River and consists of several small houses. There is an excellent restaurant with bar. You can set up excursions of several days here. Cycling tours and other sports activities are also possible. Mindo’s most beautiful butterfly farm is within walking distance. Mindo Gardens also has some beautiful self-guided walking trails: you can take a nice walk here on your own in pristine cloud forest.
For more information see www.mindogarden.com.ec

Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge

18 kms southeast of Mindo, at a peak of 2,200 meters in the Tandayapa Valley, lies Bellavista lodge. The surrounding 700 ha reserve of the same name. primary and secondary cloud forest lies between 1550 and 2500 meters altitude. The reserve is home to more than 330 bird species and there is a huge variety of trees, plants, epyphytes including orchids, giant bromeliads, etc. The lodge is located in the middle of the reserve and beautiful hiking trails have been set out around the buildings. There is a restaurant-cafeteria and the view over the surrounding mountains is impressive. Bellavista is highly recommended for nature lovers.
Voor meer info zie www.bellavistacloudforest.com/


Located in the middle of the cloud forest, Tandayapa mainly attracts bird photographers and has adapted its facilities to suit them. The main building has a large balcony with a fantastic view of the forest. You can book multi-day excursions at the hotel. An English-speaking guide will take you deeper into the forest.
For more information see www.tandayapabirdlodge.com

Yellow House

Yellow House, also called Hacienda San Vincente, is located within walking distance of Mindo park. The hacienda is a 200 ha, centuries-old farm and has always remained within the same family, the ‘Garzon’ family. Yellow House, the farm’s hotel, is located at the entrance of the farm and is mainly frequented by nature lovers. You can follow one of the Yellow House trails: these are hiking trails that introduce you to the most beautiful parts of the cloud forest.
For more information see www.ecuadormindobirds.com